1. It's FREE

2. The platform can save you some time when discussing boards with surfers as boards can be configured under your profile

3. You get a page where surfers can view your  boards

4. You get a page where surfers can view your Brand story

5. You get a page where surfers can view your personal story

6. You get a page where surfers can view your shaping location (even when travelling)

7. You can make your boards even more unique by adding a scannable QR code that directs the person that scans the board to the board information and your profile. He can even start a chat with you.

8. You're getting a private dashboard to configure models and boards in your virtual factory

9. You're getting personalised order forms to use in the factory or to send to your surfer.

10. you can Rent out some of your models as try and buy

At Surf Neutral we think that surfboard building is a form of art. It's something made with passion just like this platform. 

Surf Neutral has a unique way to promote any shaper and his boards, Using the platform saves you time with keeping track of paper order forms as all order forms are presented and available in your factory.

No need to update any website with your latest models, you can add or change a model any time. 

Do not panic if you do not have a model, we pre-configured a custom model for you where you can configure any of our one hundred and sixty-nine trillion four hundred and thirty-one billion eight hundred and forty-seven million two hundred thousand boards.

It keeps track of your board when the location of the board is updated by the shaper or surfer. 

As a shaper you can build your stock and change the board location so riders know where to find your stock boards.

As a shaper you can transfer your board to a surfer and get feedback from them on the board performance through our own chat system.

Keep track of the number of boards you have registered on the platform. In this case, a surfer can see and get a feeling about your experience.

As a shaper you are the driver of this online community and can make a difference to an ocean-related project. For the moment we are supporting 1% for the planet.

Check out our Where to start section to get involved