It is the aim for Surf Neutral to be a hub and aid for surfboard builders to show craft to fellow shapers and surfers on one single platform. When shapers are using the platform, the travelling surfer will be able to easily get in contact with those local surfboard craftsmen who are using it and maybe try some of the boards they are crafting trough our rental feature.

Surf Neutral has two different ways to access and sign up to the platform. 

1.Sign Up as a Shaper

Use our simple first-time flow to get familiar with our platform and start using our blueprint to build your branding page.

2. Sign Up as a Rider

Sign up as a surfer to view all the latest boards posted by shapers and get to know them by visiting their page.

Both Sign Up methods are generating a different dashboard experience for the user. A surfer cannot access the shapers dashboard but every shaper is automatically a surfer and has full surfers dashboard experience.

Check out our knowledge base for both type of users by clicking on the link below:

  1. Shapers on Surf Neutral
  2. Riders on Surf Neutral