Surf Neutral was founded by a Belgium team of a passionate surfer and IT manager Lesley Zonnekein and Klaas Neirinck, a true code wizard. They created Surf Neutral after Lesley was living in Jeffreys Bay for nearly one year during a sabbatical gap. As he was travelling with his wife and two daughters he arrived in this magical place but was left with one issue... There was not a single hand-shaped longboard in the shop that he could lay his hands on. As he likes his board custom made it was not easy to pinpoint all shapers in a town like Jeffreys Bay. Strange, isn't it?

After a couple of months, he managed to find all the local shapers in town to discuss surfboards. A question he asked every single time was, why did it take that long for me to find you? Their answers where classic, no man, I don't want to spend time on building a website and I don't want to spend my funds on IT-related stuff and admin, I wanna shape, surf and spend time on the beach or with my family... But hey, I do want to be out there on the internet but I wanna keep my story, identity and numbers and don't forget I do not want to spend ages on the internet...

As a surfer Lesley took all their comments and went home to think about how he could help them while keeping it fun for the surfers. He used his nearly 20 years experience in the IT industry and came up with a new idea to connect shaper board and surfer and so Surf Neutral was born.

Surf Neutral is a platform that has one mission... Keep the soul of a surfboard alive and connect the surfer with shaper to find his perfect surfboard (So that's two of them)... We believe that shapers put a piece of their soul into the surfboard but it fades over time... We do not want that to happen and created a platform where interaction between the shaper, the surfer and his surfboard only grows...

Using Surf Neutral as a shaper will keep track of all surfboards made, registered/uploaded and transferred. The platform builds the shapers portfolio and facilitates getting the surfer in contact with the shaper. A surfers can look for many parameters so a great fit is made between Surfer and Shaper prior to buying a surfboard. 

Surf Neutral made it very straight forward for shapers to keep track of their orders in a factory, to add models (in order to save some time on repetition work) and to add boards.

We connect all using unique QR codes that CAN be glassed into surfboards. Once the surfboards are made they need to be registered/uploaded via a shapers QR code on the platform. When this is done any person will be able to scan the surfboard using his default barcode scanner and see all information about the board the shaper and his brand. (if the shaper added his tag off course).

We believe in giving back to the ocean as surfers and only as a true surfing community we can do so by supporting your Local shapers that are exposing themselves on Surf Neutral. As such Surf Neutral enables the shaper to rent out some of his stock boards. This could be a demo pool for the shaper that can be rented by any Surfer. As such surfers can try boards or models prior to buying them.

We are constantly building cool new features on the platform which will benefit the whole community, so if you wanna be part of this and stay informed about this great journey Sign Up and start connecting!

The Surf Neutral Team