By utilizing the browser’s built in geolocation feature, Surf Neutral allows you to track your surfboards and provides surfers and shapers visibility of the area where boards are being surfed or sold.

We use your device location when:

1. You complete your shapers BIO profile

This is the exact location of where a shaper shapes his surfboards

2. When you register a board

Surf Neutral has decided to not show the exact board location provided by its users to protect the users Privacy. Therefor the location for boards is defined in an area. 

3. When a boards is being transferred

In Order to keep the soul of the board alive we keep history of transfer locations. Like this a community member can see the area where the board is surfed.

4. When a board location is updated

When a board is replaced (eg from the factory to a store) the user is able to change/update to the latest board location. 

Boards and Shapers will be shown on the map in the shapers branding page and in the find board and find shaper section on the surfers profile

To contribute to the Surf Neutral community we therefore request to enable your device Geo location for your browser app in your device settings.

Find below some useful links to enable your location on:


Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services

Some more information in below link:

Android devices:

Using Quick settings:

  • To see your first few settings, swipe down from the top of your screen.
  • To see all your Quick Settings, swipe down again.

enable Location Information

Some more information in below link: