Surf Neutral has a unique possibility to define damages as a shaper. 

Prior to the rental, a board host could set up his ding pricing based on the possible damages. When a surfer requests a rental, he needs to agree to the ding prices as set forth by the shaper.

You can view defined dings and standard prices here: Ding pricing overview.

If there is no insurance taken, the damages need to be arranged between the surfer and board host. However, if a board host would like to ensure the surfboard, he could. Insured boards are covered up to 600 EUR in damages. 

Insured boards

Depending on the requested rental period, the insurance price will automatically be added to the rental day price. 

When a rental gets approved by the shaper for an insured board, the shaper and surfer will receive a contract by email from our insurance partner.

At the end of the rental period, a shaper has three days to claim damages. However, if the same board get rented out sooner than three days, the board host can claim damages until the next rental.

PRICE Added to the rental
Insurance Contract
1 - 3 DAY
7.5 EUR per day
1 DAY Insurance
4 - 7 DAYS
23.5 EUR
Weekly Insurance

Claim damages

Supporting documents to be provided by the Insured in all cases
- A copy of the enrolment
- The sworn statement describing the circumstances of the incident.

Supporting documents to be provided in case of search and rescue expenses
- The search and rescue invoice issued by the search and rescue company

Supporting documents to be provided in the event of damage to the insured property:
- The purchase invoice of the insured property
- Photograph of the damaged insured property
- Invoice for repairs to the insured property
- The rental invoice for a replacement board


For the "damage to the insured property" cover, it is up to the Policy Holder to prove the existence and value of the damaged property.

And more generally, any supporting documents that the Insurer deems necessary to assess the merits of the claim.