This sections explains you how to accepts a board transfer as a surfer

Tutorial Video

Accept your board transfer as a surfer

Great! You have received an email from a shaper that has made this special piece of surfcraft for you.

You have received the following invitation email:




You've been invited to join Surf Neutral 

Email Content:

There are two options available in the email:

  1. Option 1: VIEW BOARD

    on this option you can view the board that is being transferred to you as a surfer. pressing the link will show you the board and the information. To view the pictures in full format of that board you can just press the picture and see it in full format. an example below:

  2. Option 2: SIGN UP

    pressing the sign up button takes you to the Surf Neutral landing page.

Login as a surfer or shaper (if you are a shaper and received a board of a colleague) using the email address where you have received the email from the shaper.

A surfer cannot accept a surfboard if he is not logged in into the the platform. 

Accept the board transfer on the platform

As a Shaper

Switch to your surfer profile or click on the notification Flag and click on the message  '<Shapername> wants to transfer a board to you.

As a Surfer

Option 1: Check your Notifications

Open your dashboard and click on the notification:

Pressing this notification will take you to the 'MY QUIVER' page where the board that is transferred to you is visible.

Option 2: Check your 'MY QUIVER' page

Press the 'MY BOARDS' logo on the top of the page, a drop-down is visible now presenting the 'MY QUIVER' button.

Press the 'MY QUIVER' button.

You are now directed to the 'MY QUIVER' page

Press the 'more info dots' on the top of the board widget. 

Now press the accept board icon

As a surfer you have 3 options.

- Option 1: 'Accept' the transfer.

When accepting the transfer Surf Neutral retrieves the location of the transfer and show it on the map for a shaper. In this case the shaper will see the area of where the board is surfed. For privacy reasons, Surf Neutral is only showing the location in an area which is not further than 300m. So NOT the exact location of the board.

You are now the new owner of the surfboard and can transfer this board to another surfer by pressing the info button. The board is still viewable on the shapers brand page but the surfer that accepted the transfer is now reflected as Surfer. A shaper cannot transfer the board any more when a surfer has accepted the transfer,

- Option 2: 'Reject' the transfer

If a surfer rejects the transfer the board will be back in the shapers branding page and be visible as a stock board. Now the shaper can initiate a new transfer to another surfer or the same surfer.

When a board is rejected it will disappear out of the surfers 'MY QUIVER' page.

- Option 3 : 'Cancel' the transfer

When the surfer press the 'Cancel' button he will fall back to the 'My QUIVER' Page.