As we are paying the board host on his bank account we need to make sure who you are so we've added Two-Factor Authentication as an extra safety and to prevent anti-money laundering. As a board host, this needs to be enabled prior to renting out one of your surfboards. --> How do I enable Two factor Authentication?

Listing a board as a rental is pretty straight forward:

1. (Optional) create your surfboard model and describe it. not sure how? --> How to add or edit my surfboard model.

2. Register or upload a surfboard --> How do I Register/Upload my board on Surf Neutral

3. now click on the 'ALL BOARDS' icon on the dashboard or in the drop menu under 'MY BOARDS'

4. click on the boards available box in case you have multiple registered boards all ready

5. Press on the menu of the board

6. Now initiate the rental by pressing the rental icon

MAKE SURE YOUR Two factor Authentication IS ENABLED --> How do I enable Two factor Authentication?

7. Click 'YES' if you want to add the board as a rental.

8. Choose your surfer skill level for the board.

9. Set your pricing.

NOTE: Deposits need to be arranged between surfer and shaper. Surf Neutral will not collect any deposit from the surfer's credit card. Remarks concerning the deposit can be added by the board host.

10. Press 'SAVE' and you're done