This article describes the steps to get going as a shaper on Surf Neutral. 

The most easy way to get going is to follow the first time pop up flow. If you have disabled it you can still re-enable it under your profile using the account tab.

Below in short the steps to follow:

  1. Sign up or Log In if you've already made an account.

  2. Complete and create your 'Shapers Profile'.

    This has 4 main sections, (1) your Account information, (2) Your Surf Brand information, (3) Your personal shapers BIO and your Financial information

  3. Add your surfboard model (optional)

  4. Add an order or desired surfboard configuration

  5. View your orders in the factory (optional)

  6. Register/Upload a shaped surfboard and make it available on Surf Neutral for the public view.

  7. View your surfboards in the 'All Boards Page'

  8. Rent your boards out as a demo model.

  9. Transfer your surfboard to a Surfer

  10. Scan a surfboard and view all the information about the shaper and the surfboard hist.